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Welcome to Live Webinars. This is the place where you can get the highest quality knowledge in the form of online webinars. We have the best possible materials to help you broaden your skills in areas such as personal development, photography and video, design, finance, online marketing and IT.

Thanks to the unique form of a webinar, the acquisition of the knowledge you need is extremely straightforward and fast. This innovative technology allows you to gain the necessary information without spending many long hours hunched over books, learning things by heart or having to repeat things tirelessly in order to memorise them.

Our main objective is to make our customers feel that every day they are expanding their competencies through our webinars. We have selected dozens of topics to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for the most demanding users. Each webinar was developed and approved by specialists in the field. All this was done to make learning fun.

Our Values

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

The values that guide us in our work are aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction. We believe that the basis for contact with you should be professional assistance and fast problem solving. That is why our customer service department makes every effort to answer each question and ensure that you can shop and use webinars without any problems. Every customer is equally important to us.



Our mission is to give strength and resources to other people so that they can make the best choices in life. That is the reason why we work every day to improve our webinars and continuously search for the most interesting and useful topics in the world today. We use advanced solutions to help you enjoy the learning process, regardless of the location on the globe you do it from.

Safety And Trust

Safety And Trust

We believe that honesty is the basis of working for a client. For this reason, our website includes all the necessary information about webinars and complete fees. Each of our customers also has a 14-day right to a refund as well as the possibility to pay by safe and trusted methods such as PayPal.

How it works

Check how easy it is to use our webinars

Choose webinar

Step 1. Choose webinar

Start by selecting the webinar that interests you and learn more about it by clicking on the thumbnail picture.

Place an order

Step 2. Place an order

Once you have read the description of the webinar and decide to participate in it, add it to your shopping cart, and then choose payment and delivery options.

Use activation code

Step 3. Use activation code

Once you have paid for your order, you will receive an activation code that allows you to sign up for the webinar.

Choose the date of the webinar

Step 4. Choose the date of the webinar

Sign up for the webinar by selecting one of the available dates and times.