Terms and Conditions of Live Webinars (hereinafter: “Terms and Conditions”).

1. Definitions

The Terms and Conditions set out the rules, scope and conditions for the use of the (hereinafter: “Live Webinars”). These Terms and Conditions apply to all Live Webinars users.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the definitions provided below shall assume the following meaning:

  1. Vendor(s) – entities offering the purchase of Products with the use of Live Webinars.
  2. Controller – TG Global SERVICES & CONSULTING, the entity providing access to Live Webinars, in order to enable the conclusion of Sales Contracts between Vendors and Customers.
  3. Customer – a natural person with full legal capacity and over 18 years of age, who, on the basis of a Sales Contract, purchased a Product from the Vendor.
  4. Platform – this Live Webinars website, offering Products from various Vendors;
  5. Product – online training, prepared according to the specifications of the Vendors;
  6. Access Password – a unique sequence of alphanumeric characters provided by the Vendor to the Customer. Under the Terms and Conditions, it entitles the Customer to log in to the Product.
  7. Benefit – a gift that may be included with the Product, as specified by the Vendor. The type and quantity are specified at the time of purchase. The gift is included with the Product. The gift indicated when placing the Order, together with the specification of its type and quantity, is included free of charge with the purchased Product. The gift cannot be purchased separately, regardless of its type or quantity. The gift may vary depending on the training offered. No information presented on Live Webinars shall ever be considered as an offer to purchase a Gift to the Product; the information provided should not be construed as an offer within the meaning of the applicable provisions of law. Access to the gift is enabled by the Vendor providing the relevant data to the Customer.
  8. Customer account – an Order account on Live Webinars assigned to a particular Customer who has concluded a Sales Contract with the Vendor by placing an order through Live Webinars or through one of the Vendor’s Partners, and the Vendor or the Vendor’s Partner has confirmed the order. The Account is a subpage of the Live Webinars website dedicated to the Customer, where information about the purchased Products is provided.
  9. Payment Provider – payments for the Products can be processed by individuals or third parties providing services in the scope of data processing and payments, invoicing of amounts due, reconciliation of balances and reporting;
  10. Fees/costs – fees charged to the Customer for handling and preparing the Order, added to the price of the Order, the amount of which depends on the type of the Order, and the final value of which is visible to the Customer in the Order summary. The Buyer has an opportunity to review these costs before placing the Order. The Vendor shall have the right to charge an additional fee for the costs incurred in connection with the activities of additional servicing of the order, as part of an individual offer or a promotional action as part of after-sales services.
  11. System – a set of cooperating IT devices and software, ensuring processing and storing as well as sending and receiving data through telecommunication networks by means of a terminal device appropriate for a given type of network, commonly referred to as the Internet.
  12. Partner – an entity participating in the Vendor’s partner program, to which the Vendor commissioned operational marketing activities aimed at bringing potential customers to Live Webinars.
  13. Live Webinars – the website, run by the Controller, through which the Customer may place an Order,
  14. Sales Contract/Purchase – a contract which subject matter is the purchase of a Product, concluded between the Vendor and the Customer in the manner specified in these Terms and Conditions,
  15. Service Provider – a third party offering Products, the use of which is enabled by the Access Password received from the Vendor;
  16. Order – the Client’s declaration of will placed by means of an Order Form available on the Website or on the website of one of the Vendor’s Partners, with its direct aim to conclude a Sales Contract with the Vendor. For an effective conclusion of the contract, the Vendor is required to confirm the acceptance of the Order.
2. General Terms of Use of Live Webinars
  1. Products may be purchased only by adult individuals.
  2. Live Webinars, Vendors and Customers are obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Customers are obliged to use Live Webinars in a manner consistent with the applicable law.
  3. All commercial information, price lists and advertisements on the Website are merely an invitation for Customers to make offers and conclude Sales Contracts. No information presented on Live Webinars, regardless of its name, should be construed as an offer within the meaning of the applicable law.
  4. The Customer placing an Order must be at least 18 years of age and have full legal capacity or hold a consent from his or her legal guardian, certified as true and up-to-date by the notary in accordance with the provisions of laws applicable in the current place of stay of the Customer.
  5. Any Orders for Products placed by the Customer shall be deemed to be an offer and shall only be deemed accepted by the Vendor upon the earlier acceptance of the Order by the Vendor in accordance with the provisions specified in the Terms and Conditions. The Vendor expressly reserves the right to reject any offer and/or refuse to accept an Order without providing justification. Furthermore, if the Vendor has initially accepted the Customer's offer, the Vendor may cancel the transaction at any time if there is a reasonable suspicion that the Customer has committed fraud against the Vendor, Live Webinars, the Service Provider or the Vendor's Partner, or if for reasons beyond the Vendor's control the order cannot be fulfilled.
  6. The Vendor reserves the right to cancel an Order if the Customer’s behaviour is seen to be suspicious or potentially fraudulent.
  7. The Vendor reserves the right to discontinue the sale of Products at any time or to modify the Terms and Conditions.
  8. Purchases are made by the Customer for personal use only.
  9. The Customer has no right to make copies of the Access Password in any way or to enable others to perform such actions.
  10. The Customer shall not provide false data including false surnames, addresses and contact or payment details; or engage in any unlawful activity in connection with the Purchase or use of Access Passwords, or allow anyone else to do so. The Vendor shall not be held liable if the data is entered incorrectly and someone other than the Customer is already using the Access Password.
  11. The Customer agrees to update the data whenever they change. The Vendor shall not be held liable for any consequences resulting from a failure to fulfil this obligation.
  12. In the cases referred to in section 2 point 6, 10, 11, the Customer’s access to their Account may be blocked by Live Webinars.
  13. All the prices are quoted in a particular currency and include all taxes applicable to the country of the Vendor’s registered office. If an additional tax obligation applies in the country of residence of the Customer, the Customer shall be liable for the collection, deduction, declaration and payment of additional taxes to the appropriate tax authorities.
  14. Current information about the prices of Products is valid from the day it is published on Live Webinars. The prices include delivery costs.
  15. After the purchase of the first Product, an individual Customer’s Account shall be created on the Website, the access to which shall be possible by means of the Access Password received after placing the Order, provided on the card included in the shipment sent to the Customer, or sent by email.
  16. Each Customer can hold only one Customer Account.
  17. In order to register a Customer Account, the following data is required: the email address from which the Customer placed the order and the Access Password, which the Customer is obliged to keep confidential.
  18. The Customers’ personal data shall be collected exclusively on a voluntary basis and used only in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.
  19. Unless otherwise agreed, the Seller can change the specification of the Products. In particular, without limitation, the identity and the number of Service Providers, via which it is possible to use the Products, may change, and the Customer expressly acknowledges and accepts this.
  20. Personal data provided during Registration and when placing an Order shall be processed by the Payment Provider to the extent necessary for the Order to be processed, including to provide online and offline settlements and after-sales services, to the extent necessary to use the Products.
  21. All Products presented on Live Webinars, and other names and logos presented on Live Webinars are used solely for identification purposes and can constitute a trademark protected by law.
  22. Live Webinars and its contents are subject to full protection in regard to copyrights or other intellectual property rights and must not be used for purposes other than those expressly permitted in these Terms and Conditions – in particular, they must not be copied, either in whole or in part.
3. Sales Contract Conclusion
  1. The conclusion of a Sales Contract takes place as a result of the Customer placing an Order by means of an Order Form on Live Webinars or on one of the websites of the Vendor’s Partners, at the moment of the acceptance of the Order by the Vendor.
  2. Orders are accepted 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Orders may be placed through the System from any place in the world, subject to the provisions of section 2 point 20. In some countries, it will not be possible to process the order due to logistics, of which the Customer will be notified. In this case, if the payment for the Product has been made, the Customer will receive a refund.
  3. The Customer shall specify the following details in the Order Form, as a minimum:
    • Full name of the Customer,
    • Phone number of the Customer,
    • Email address of the Customer to which the Customer Account shall be assigned.
    • By completing the Order Form, the Customer:
      • confirms the authenticity and accuracy of the data contained in the above-mentioned Form,
      • expresses consent to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, recognising their binding character,
      • agrees to the processing of personal data contained therein for the purpose of offering products and services by the Vendor directly to the Customer (direct marketing).
    • When Products from different Vendors are sold, the details for filling in the Order Form may differ.
  4. Upon receipt of the Order Form, the Vendor's Customer Service Department shall contact the Customer by telephone to confirm the detailed parameters of the Order.
  5. After the confirmation is made between the Customer and the Vendor, the Vendor's Customer Service Department shall send the Customer a confirmation of the acceptance of the Order to the email address indicated by the Customer.
  6. Order value – this is the amount specified in the confirmation of the acceptance of the Order, which is the price of the Product selected by the Buyer. The value of the Order is tantamount to the total amount that the Customer has agreed to pay.
  7. The Order shall be deemed accepted for processing at the moment of sending the confirmation of the acceptance of the Order by the Vendor to the Customer.
  8. If the Customer has not completed the process with a view to placing an Order, the Vendor’s Customer Service Department shall contact the Customer using the data provided during the Order placement process, in order to confirm the receipt of the Order, which the Customer agrees to. The confirmation mentioned above shall be tantamount to placing an Order by the Customer, in accordance with the conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions. The Purchase is not complete until the Customer receives an email confirming the acceptance of the Customer’s offer by the Vendor.
  9. If a Purchase is made, the Access Password shall be immediately sent to the Customer by courier or post. Payments may be recorded and processed by different Payment Providers or by courier companies, if payment on delivery is selected.
  10. Unless expressly stated otherwise on Live Webinars or in the Terms and Conditions, there is no limit on Product Purchases per Customer. The Vendor reserves the right to discontinue the sale of Products at any time or to modify the Terms and Conditions.
4. Requirements for Collection of the Product
  1. Product fulfillment requirements shall be communicated to Customers by Vendors to the email address provided when placing the Order.
  2. The Customer shall be informed by email about the available methods of using the Benefit.
5. Delivery of Products
  1. The Products shall be delivered to Customers by post or courier to the address indicated by the Customers.
  2. The Customer makes a Purchase when the Vendor receives payment for the Product.
  3. If the payment is not received (e.g. a cheque bounces, credit card payments are refused or the Order remains unpaid at the due date) any Access Passwords dispatched shall become void and may not be used.
  4. If an Access Password delivered by post is lost, stolen or destroyed before it is used, the Vendor shall deactivate the previous Access Password by assigning a new Access Password to the Customer, to which the same rules shall apply.
6. Product Use
  1. Unless specified otherwise in the terms of Product use, Products may be used only by individual Customers.
  2. Products are not exchangeable or returnable for cash.
  3. Each Access Password can be used only once. An Access Password cannot be used in part.
  4. Product expiry date. Each Product is valid for 6 months from the date of delivery of the Access Password. Product expiry date means the time within which the Access Password must be activated and the Product used. After this period, it is not possible to use the Product. The above provisions shall also apply to the Product Benefit.
  5. If additional documents are required for the use of the Product or Benefit, they shall be submitted within 6 months from the delivery date of the Access Password. The list of documents required for verification may depend on the need for security requirements in international trade. After the expiry of this period, it shall not be possible to use the Access Password or the Benefit.
  6. The Vendor does not make or give any promises, warranties, guarantees or representations concerning Products or other services provided by Service Providers.
  7. The Access Password shall be subject to verification upon use to access the Product.
  8. The Customer has the right to take advantage of promotional actions of the Vendors on the terms established by the Vendors.
7. Liability
  1. The Controller is not a party to the contract for the purchase of Products or other services, but only offers a Platform where Vendors and Customers may conduct activities aimed at concluding a Sales Contract. The Controller shall not be liable for the quality, safety or legality of the services of the Products purchased, as well as for the reliability and accuracy of the information contained in advertisements, for the possibility or right of the Vendors to sell certain products or services, or for the solvency of Customers placing Orders.
  2. The Payment Provider is not a party to the contract concluded between the Customers and Vendors and shall not be held liable for improper performance or non-performance of contracts concluded by the Customers.
  3. Neither the Controller nor the Payment Provider shall be liable for any special, indirect or consequential losses incurred during the use of the Products or the Benefits.
  4. The Vendor shall not be liable for the violation of these Terms and Conditions, if the fulfilment of a particular obligation has become impossible due to reasons beyond its control.
  5. The Controller provides Live Webinars “as is”, “with all faults” and “as available”. The Vendor and its suppliers do not give express warranties or guarantees regarding Live Webinars, the System, Access Password, Benefits, or any other products or services.
  6. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Controller and its employees, directors, agents, and vendors do not guarantee that Products or any other services offered by Vendors or Service Providers are merchantable, of satisfactory quality, accurate, timely, fit for a particular purpose or need, compliant with law, suitable for use or provided with due diligence and abilities. The Vendor does not guarantee that Products shall meet the requirements of Customers, will be free of errors, useful, complete or available at all times. The Controller does not guarantee that the advantages which can be obtained in connection with the use of the Platform will be effective, reliable and accurate and that they will meet the expectations of Customers. The Controller gives no guarantees with respect to the protection of privacy and security other than those expressly set out in the Privacy Policy. The Controller does not guarantee that the Customer will be able to access or use Live Webinars at any chosen time and location. No oral or written information or advice given by its representative shall constitute a guarantee. The Customer may have additional consumer rights under the Customer’s local laws at his place of residence that these Terms and Conditions cannot change.
8. Indemnity
  1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, in so far as permitted by law, the Vendor/Controller, its directors, employees and agents from liability for any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, amounts due, costs or debt and expenses (including, without limitation, for any reasonable charges incurred in relation to any claims or court proceedings which have been instituted or which the Vendors/Controller can be at risk of in relation to any parties) resulting from, respectively: the use by the Customer of access to Live Webinars; the breach of any provision of these Terms and Conditions; the violation of any rights of third parties, including without limitation any copyright, property or privacy right; and any claim that the content provided by the Customer causes damage to a third party.
  2. The obligation to indemnify and hold harmless referred to in section 8 point 1 above remains in force after the expiry of these Terms and Conditions and after the Customer stops using the Website.
9. Personal Data Protection
  1. The Controller of the personal databases provided by Live Webinars users is TG Global SERVICES & CONSULTING.
  2. The controller of databases containing personal data undertakes to protect personal data in accordance with the law applicable to the registered office of the Vendor. When the Customer provides their personal data to the Controller of databases containing personal data, the Customer shall simultaneously consent to their processing by the personal data Controller for the purpose of processing the Order made. The Customers shall be entitled to view, correct, update and delete their personal data.
10. Changes Made to Offers and Promotions
  1. The Vendor reserves the right to change the prices of the Products included in the offer, withdraw some Products from the offer and introduce new Products and promotional campaigns.
  2. The entitlement described in point 1 above shall not affect Orders placed before any changes were introduced to the prices and promotional campaign conditions, and they shall be implemented based on the previous conditions.
11. Complaints
  1. If in the opinion of the Customer, the services provided on the basis of the Terms and Conditions are not carried out or are carried out in breach of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the Customer shall be entitled to submit a complaint by email to
  2. The complaints received by the Vendor shall be considered within 30 days from their receipt to the email address specified in point 1 above. If the Complaint does not include information necessary for its consideration, the Vendor shall request the person submitting the Complaint to provide the necessary information, and the term of 30 days shall then run from the day on which the correctly completed Complaint is received.
  3. The complaint shall include at least the Customer’s full name, the Customer’s email address, a description of any objections raised and an indication of the proposed method of resolving the Complaint.
  4. A response to a Complaint shall be sent to the email address specified by the Customer in the Order. In justified cases, the Vendor may send a response to another email address specified by the person submitting the Complaint which is not assigned to the Order.
  5. Should it be impossible to identify the Customer, the complaint will be left unconsidered.
  6. The Vendor shall not be liable for any losses not caused by the Vendor’s fault.
  7. If a Product has been used and the Customer has reservations about the Products or services, all claims in this respect shall be addressed directly to the Vendor. This is due to the fact that the Controller does not sell Products, and it is the Vendor that is responsible for the Products. However, should the Customer and the Vendor not be able to reach an agreement, the Controller may, at the request of the Customer, help solve their dispute.
  8. The Controller may cancel or refuse to issue an Access Password at any time as a result of errors linked to the issuance or processing of the Access Passwords or if the Controller states that the Customer has used the Access Password incorrectly, in a manner inconsistent with its intended purpose, in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or because the Access Password has been falsified or changed.
  9. The Customer can submit a complaint on the functioning of Live Webinars to the Controller, and if the process of Product sale is operating incorrectly, the Customer can submit a complaint to the Vendor.
12. Withdrawal from the Contract
  1. The Customer who hasn’t used the Product shall be entitled to withdraw from the Contract within 14 days from its conclusion date and receive the full refund of costs.
  2. The Customer who has used the Access Password loses the right to withdraw from the Contract.
  3. The Customer may withdraw from the Sales Contract by sending an email confirming their wish to withdraw from the Contract to:
  4. It is impossible to withdraw from a Sales Contract in relation to a Product which already has been used. Product use is defined as participation in an online training course or any other use by the Customer of the Product or Benefit received.
  5. The Vendor reserves the right to conduct additional verification of the Customer's identity during the Contract withdrawal process. The Customer will be informed each time if they are required to provide additional data, e.g. date of birth, a scan of an ID document, a selfie or other hand-signed documents.
13. Final Provisions
  1. The Controller shall make every effort to ensure the correct functioning of Live Webinars.
  2. The Controller reserves the right to deactivate Live Webinars, in whole or in part, for an unlimited time in order to modernise or repair it.
  3. The Controller shall not be liable for difficulties in Order processing which are caused by random events outside the scope of the Controller’s influence (including those dependent on the Customer, third parties or force majeure).
  4. The Controller reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions without providing a reason.
  5. The binding version of the Terms and Conditions is the version available on the Live Webinars website.
  6. If any provisions of these Terms and Conditions are deemed invalid or ineffective, this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof. Such an invalid or ineffective provision shall be replaced with a valid and effective one that resembles as close as possible the economic or legal effect which the invalid or ineffective provision had referred to.
  7. The Customer shall be required to become acquainted with the changes to the Terms and Conditions if the Customer uses Live Webinars in any way.
  8. The current version of the Terms and Conditions is always available on the Live Webinars website and this version shall be absolutely binding for the Controller, Vendor and Customer.
  9. The appropriate provisions of law applicable to the registered office of the Seller shall be in force in any matters not governed by these Terms and Conditions. Any disputes shall be resolved in an amicable manner if the Customer so requests. As a last resort, disputes shall be settled by a common court of competent jurisdiction according to the registered office of the Vendor.
  10. Using Live Webinars by the Customer is tantamount to becoming acquainted with and accepting the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The date of the last revision of these Terms and Conditions: 14 July 2021