Learn about real estates and how to generate rental income

Investing in real property is becoming increasingly popular. Many people encouraged by the vision of a considerable profit buy apartments and commercial premises on a mass scale. Is investing in real property profitable? And what do you need to pay attention to? Our live-streamed webinar will give you all the answers.

Details: 2H 00MIN


Last update: 07.2021

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  • You will gain the knowledge necessary for someone who wants to purchase their first estate.
  • You will find out about different types of rentals and about their pros and cons
  • You will discover the factors influencing the investment attractiveness of real estate
  • You will find out how to calculate the return on an investment
  • You will discover how to search for investment opportunities
  • You will learn how to finance your estate purchase.

Online Webinar Description

Would you like to earn some extra money? Money which works for itself? Money that does not require you to work overtime on a regular basis. After all, you deserve to have a personal life. And some free time to yourself.

You would also like to have a secure future. Or maybe you have already started thinking about your retirement. In these circumstances, what you need is a profitable investment. OK, but what do you mean, exactly? – you ask. Here’s our answer: investing in real estate.

Why should you consider it? This is what our live-streamed webinar is all about. It will answer all your questions, allowing you to start calculating your profit. However, we can already reveal to you some advantages of this solution.

Firstly, real estate is not as absorbing as business or the stock exchange. They do not need to be monitored like foreign exchange markets and are much less unpredictable than start-ups. Interesting, isn’t it?

At this point, you need to know that buying the right estate requires suitable knowledge. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that. This is because our live-streamed webinar will tell you all you need to know.

Real estate is like any other investment – so it’s worth looking at it carefully before we invest any of our savings into it. Additionally, it is worth checking the current economic situation and whether it is a convenient time for those who want to invest in real estate. Taking the time to consider our investment carefully will bring us many benefits in return.

You must know that the real estate market is not limited to apartments. It is much wider and gives you much more choice. Business premises, offices, hotels... In fact, your needs and your budget should be decisive to what you want to invest in. Of course, each of these options can bring you different profits and perform different functions at the same time. These elements are also worth taking into account.

If you are looking for professional advice on how to invest in real estate, sign up for our live-streamed webinar. We will guide you through the process of investing your savings in real estate. We will tell you how to finance your investment and even make a satisfactory profit. As a result, you will be aware of all the advantages of such a decision, but also of the risks that await inexperienced investors.


Full Webinar Title
Learn about real estates and how to generate rental income
Webinar Category
Personal Finance
Service provider
FinSoul Consulting
2h 00min
Hardware Requirements
2 GHz dual-core processor or better (4-core preferable);2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended) Speakers or headphones
Software Requirements
An operating system such as Windows 8 (Windows 10 recommended), Mac OS 10.13 (the newest version recommended), Linux, Chrome OS -the latest official versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge (Chromium), Yandex



Details: 2h 00min

2:00 min: Introduction to the topic of drafting a household budget.
3:00 min: Introduction to investing in real estate.
17:00 min: Differences between real estate investing and other investments.
15:00 min: Estate rental types.
11:00 min: Pros and cons of investing in real estate.
12:00 min: 5 most common mistakes made by real estate investors
12:00 min: How much does real estate cost and which types of real estate are most profitable?
11:00 min: How to finance the purchase of real estate.
10:00 min: Real estate maintenance costs.
8:30 min: Exercise: identify a estate in your city worth investing in.
4:00 min: Summary and conclusions.


You would like to learn more about investing in real estate.
You don’t know how to start your first investment.
You want to start making money on real estate.
You’re looking for a way to reduce the risk of an unsuccessful investment.
You need some guidance on the available types of properties.

If any of these statements are true, then this online live-streamed webinar is for you!

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