Plan your household budget and start saving effectively

Does it seem that money is running through your fingers? Although shopping gives you satisfaction, your disappearing savings do not bode well. This is not how it must be. Thanks to effective household budget planning, your finances will no longer be a taboo subject. Find out more from our live-streamed webinar.

Details: 1H 46MIN


Last update: 07.2021

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  • You will gain control over your expenses.
  • You will learn how to plan a budget for one person and for the entire family.
  • You will learn how to save small and large amounts of cash.
  • You’ll change your thinking about finances.
  • You will stop worrying about money.
  • You’ll stop being a person who is always broke.

Online Webinar Description

Many people do not know how important it is to follow a household budget. However, this skill becomes very useful when your expenses exceed your income, or when there is not enough money for everything you need. When blindly grappling with your finances, you can easily fall into various traps. And the banks are just waiting for you to start taking out loans and pay interest, which will ruin your budget. Are you tired of wondering where to get extra money on a regular basis? Our live-streamed webinar will show you how to control your household budget and start saving.

A household budget is nothing more than the sum of your family’s income and expenses. Many people associate keeping a budget with writing down every purchase and collecting receipts. But who remembers to do this regularly?

Although budget planning is not easy, it does offer many benefits. First of all, you regain control over your expenses. Until now, you might have been enslaved by them... Does a debit on your card and a bank loan sound familiar? You need to know that the proper planning of expenses will allow you to forget about such problems. Not only will you start managing your budget, but you’ll also create a so-called financial safety cushion.

This will be a specific amount of money which you’ll start putting away every month. If you’re wondering how this is possible, you should know that this is what happens when you plan your household budget.

“A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went” Dave Ramsey

Active planning of your future will give you a sense of security. It will allow you to spend less, but more sensibly. It will show you that your bank account can always be in the black.

With our live-streamed webinar, you will learn how to take the first step towards effective household budget planning. You will receive access to structured and accessible information. You’ll start to have a real influence on where you spend your money. And on top of that, you can be sure that over time this meticulously arranged plan will start working by itself.


Full Webinar Title
Plan your household budget and start saving effectively
Webinar Category
Personal Finance
Service provider
FinSoul Consulting
1h 46min
Hardware Requirements
2 GHz dual-core processor or better (4-core preferable);2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended) Speakers or headphones
Software Requirements
An operating system such as Windows 8 (Windows 10 recommended), Mac OS 10.13 (the newest version recommended), Linux, Chrome OS -the latest official versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge (Chromium), Yandex



Details: 1h 46min

2:00 min: Introduction to the topic of drafting a household budget.
13:00 min: Taking over and consolidating your control over your home finances.
16:00 min: Documenting the past and the future – what it is and why it is important.
9:30 min: Identifying expenses that ruin the budget.
15:30 min: Communication: how to talk about common budget with your partner. Avoiding conflicts
7:00 min: Breakdown of expenses into fixed and variable elements.
8:00 min: Reducing compulsive spending – an action strategy.
9:00 min: Working with an expenditure table in Microsoft Excel. 
8:00 min: Credit card – is one worth having?
5:00 min: Dealing with failure – how to find a quick way out of your financial problems.
5:30 min: Exercise: limiting the shopping list to 10 items.
3:00 min: Summary and conclusions.


You would like to be able to deal with unexpected expenses better.
You don’t know how to create an effective household budget.
You want to save more and have better control over your spending. 
You’re looking for a way to reduce unnecessary expenses.
You need tips on how to save money effortlessly.

If any of these statements are true, then this online live-streamed webinar is for you!

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