Internet of Things - Living Inside the Network

We spend a lot of time figuratively connected to the internet through our computers and smartphones. And no wonder! The Internet is an excellent tool that can assist us in many things, from keeping in touch with friends to learning a new skill. But what about connecting more than just PCs and phones to the network? Would connecting our appliances as well help us even further? That’s exactly what the Internet of Things is all about!

Details: 2H 58MIN


Last update: 07.2021

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  • You will learn about the history and fundamentals of IoT a
  • Find out how is it used in various industries
  • See how it improves everyday life and how you can benefit from it
  • You will understand how things are connected and how they are communicating in IOT
  • Learn how IoT works and what value to people gives
  • Find out about the future that IoT can bring humanity

Online Webinar Description

Internet of Things, or IoT, is an idea of various everyday appliances and items being connected to the internet, being able to identify themselves, as well as send and receive data. Nearly every physical object can become a part of IoT when connected to the internet, from cars and washing machines to electric kettles and lightbulbs. And while we’re not yet at the point when this interconnection is common, there are already around 50 billion items connected to the Internet of Things.

Perhaps the most common and useful example to picture IoT is a Smart Home. A house like that would be nearly fully automated, with things like an alarm clock that can predict at what time you need to get up and turn on your coffee machine as it wakes you up. Things like smart lightbulbs that dim in the evenings, locks that can recognize your face and voice or even a washing machine that sends you a notification when it’s done may sound very futuristic, but we do currently possess most, if not all of the technological solutions that would be needed to make this a reality.

The Internet of Things relies on two types of devices to obtain data that it can then analyze and apply: general and sensors. General devices usually mean ones where data is put in manually, like smartphones, washing machines, remotely controlled electric kettles, and so on. Sensors, meanwhile, collect the data on their own, like light sensors, pressure plates, or movement detectors. So, for example, things like self-dimming light bulbs, devices that monitor the soil wetness in flower pots, and so on. But IoT can be applied to many fields, not just everyday tasks at home. They can be also applied to medicine, transportation, industry, and many other fields to improve efficiency and reduce time and resources wasted. For example, applying the principles of IoT to hospital beds would help medical staff to react to the patient’s needs better and quicker, while in factories, IoT can help with optimizing efficiency, and predicting when certain machines or elements will need replacing, which could make work in factories much safer by minimizing equipment malfunctions.

Join the live-streamed webinar to see how useful IoT can be in many fields of life!


Full Webinar Title
Internet of Things - Living Inside the Network
Webinar Category
Information Technology
Service provider
ItKnowledge Services
2h 58min
Hardware Requirements
2 GHz dual-core processor or better (4-core preferable);2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended) Speakers or headphones
Software Requirements
An operating system such as Windows 8 (Windows 10 recommended), Mac OS 10.13 (the newest version recommended), Linux, Chrome OS -the latest official versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge (Chromium), Yandex



Details: 2h 58min

11:00 min: Introduction
19:00 min: What is IoT, and why you should get familiar with it?
20:30 min: The history of Internet of Things
16:30 min: Basic Knowledge:- Microcontrollers, Sensors, Relays, Displays
18:30 min: Application of IoT in everyday life
16:00 min: IoT and it’s various applications in scaling business
18:00 min: IoT in Medicine and Farming
19:30 min: IoT in Industry and Vehicles
18:00 min: Fields related to IoT and how they benefit from IoT
14:00 min: Future of IoT and what opportunities it gives us
09:00: Summary


Are you fascinated with technology?
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Are you wondering how IoT affects our everyday life?

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