Stop the clock - tips for wrinkles

Wrinkles are a natural process that sooner or later will affect us all. Nevertheless, they spend the sleep of many people. Although it is a much researched and discussed topic, not everyone knows exactly what they are and what can cause them. Are you one of those people, or just want to explore the mysteries of our largest organ? Join us on a journey deep into the skin and master the basics of dermatology today!

Details: 1H 44MIN


Last update: 07.2021

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  • Fundamental knowledge about the skin
  • Better understanding of skin processes
  • Description of the factors that cause wrinkles
  • Up-to-date information on prevention
  • Ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Tips on taking care of your skin

Online Webinar Description

Wrinkles are one of the natural consequences of the processes that occur in our skin. They can be caused by many factors such as genetics, age, addictions, diet, facial mimicry or sun exposure. For this reason, they are divided into different types, such as fast-occurring facial wrinkles, or static wrinkles that appear a little later and slower. These "creases" in the delicate skin of our face or neck are some of the first signs that our body has finished developing and is slowly starting to age. Hence, their first signs can appear as early as 25 years of age.
Although their presence is a natural and inevitable process, many people spend a lot of time and energy obsessively looking for them or various ways to reduce them. Not surprising, given our (very human!) fear of the passage of time and the loss of youth. However, both pop culture and the cosmetic industries have taken this fear to an obsessive level, which can take a very negative toll on our psyche and well-being. When the first wrinkles appear, there is also the signaling that we should be ashamed of them and remove them at all costs. Of course, this is nonsense. Wrinkles don't magically make us old, ugly and good for nothing overnight. Sometimes, on the contrary, they add character and are absolutely nothing to be ashamed or worried about.

Nevertheless, if one wants to take steps to ensure a youthful appearance for longer, there are multiple and proven ways to achieve this healthily and without tearing your hair out of your head with worry. First and foremost, it's a good idea not to wait for the first static wrinkles to appear - those that don't disappear when the facial muscles are relaxed. Prevention is the best medicine, so it's a good idea to start by leaning into our habits, such as tanning and smoking - two of the biggest enemies of healthy skin. In addition, it's also a good idea to spend some time on what elements we provide our skin with in food. All of these factors have a real impact on the appearance and condition of our skin.

But when is the best time to start prevention? And when does "late" start to be "too late"? The answers to these questions are "today" and "never" respectively. Why? Attend our live-streamed live-streamed webinar and find out today!


Full Webinar Title
Stop the clock - tips for wrinkles
Webinar Category
Personal Development
Service provider
Softskill House
1h 44min
Hardware Requirements
2 GHz dual-core processor or better (4-core preferable);2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended) Speakers or headphones
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Details: 1h 44min

4:30 min: Introduction to skin structure
7:00 min: Epidermis - structure and function
5:30 min: Dermis - structure and function
4:30 min: Subcutaneous tissue - structure and function
7:30 min: Wrinkles - definition and types
7:00 min: Genetics - impact on skin condition and wrinkles
5:30 min: Reasons and catalysts for wrinkles
9:00 min: Prevention - external treatments
11:00 min: Cosmetics for face and body - how to choose?
3:30 min: Good Habits - Gestures and Posture
8:00 min: Prevention - internal treatments
10:00 min: Good diet and hydration
9:00 min: Removal - home and natural methods
6:30 min: Removal - surgical and cosmetic methods
5:30 min: Summary and Bibliography

If you want to:
- Learn about the processes occurring in the skin
- Maintain a youthful appearance for longer
- Find out who and how can help your skin
- Better understand your skin's needs

This live-streamed webinar is for you!

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